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Meet Our Staff

Pastor on Temporary Assignment

Rev. Jane Martinez  |  Tel: 505-401-2752


Judy Norton

Tel: 970-946-6780

Clerk of Session

To be Selected


Music Director

Becky Hillyer

Tel: 970-884-9494

The Session is the governing council for the congregation, composed of people elected by the congregation. Together, with the pastor, who serves as the moderator, they attend to the affairs of the church. Elders fill a three-year term and each serves as a liaison to committees of the church. Current members include: 

Nancy Senti

Tel: 970-749-7807

Melanie Mazur

Tel: 970-884-0116

Carol Blatnick

Tel: 970-884-2884

Jerry Brown

Tel: 970-884-2189

Judy Norton

Tel: 970-946-6780

Meet the Session

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