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About Our Church

Calvary Presbyterian Church of Bayfield

Calvary Presbyterian Church of the Pine River Valley is the only main stream traditional reformed church in the area.  It was established in 1898 as the first church in Bayfield and has served as a community church throughout the years.  Because the church was originally served by traveling Presbyterian ministers from Albuquerque N.M., it became a part of that denomination.

The Bayfield church is a warm, friendly congregation which is actively involved in the community.  Their vision is to learn, live and serve as the body of Christ. 

Sundays are our time to come together and join in worship.  Our service is filled with beautiful organ music, old hymns and some new praise songs, prayers, confession, times of silence and reflection, learning from scriptures and the sermon and receiving the sacraments.  All help us to experience the presence of God in our lives.

Mission Statement

The Calvary Presbyterian Church of the Pine River Valley in Bayfield has been called by God and organized to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, to minister to the needs of members of the congregation and residents of the community and to promote peace and justice in the world.



What is a Presbyterian?

The Presbyterian denomination is a form of Christianity democratically organized to embrace the faith common to all Christians. 


All that is required to be a Presbyterian is to confess the Christian faith, Trust in Christ as our forgiving savior, Promise to follow Christ and Christ's example for living, and Commit oneself to attend church and become involved in its work.

The Calvary church has seven elders who are elected by the congregation to serve on the Session or the governing body of the church.  The Session oversees the daily work, the charitable ministry and the financial, legal and property affairs of the church.  The pastor serves as the moderator of the Session. 


Further organization of the church includes the Presbytery, the Synod and the Presbyterian Church USA. Almost two million people in the world call the Presbyterian Church (USA) their spiritual home.  

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